Good person
you´re the first love to me
the person that taught me love
Never forget you
I remember you
I remember only you...
Thinking maybe you´ll look and you´ll come back again
I miss you like crazy
I´ll wait for you no matter what, I´ll wait for you till the end
I stop to think, I´m standing still
Thinking that maybe I´ll see you, and if I see you in my heart will tremble
Thinking that my heart will sink and you´ll see me dry and wrenched
I want to tell you to start again
But I can´t hear you nor see you even though I´m looking for you
But it will be so hard, I loved you so much
Even though I tried really hard, I can´t help it
In front of the mirror I wipe my tears
Thinking maybe you will come 
I want to tell you to start again


  1. Hidup harus di teruskan.
    Satu yang pergi, dua yang datang.
    Tak dok apa yang nak di risaukan! ;D


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